MINI of the Month Calendar

Photos submitted by MINI Owners

Photo Guidelines

Take photos of your car or a group of cars in an interesting or scenic setting.

The primary subject of each photo should be MINI or Mini related - if there is a person, animal, other car, etc., it should be a secondary subject.

Pictures must be high resolution to be sharp and clear on the final calendar - at least 3 megapixels, if possible.

Preferred resolution is a minimum of 2400 pixels wide by 1800 pixels high, higher resolution is even better.

Pictures must be in landscape (horizontal) format (width is the largest dimension).

The quality setting on your camera should be set to "High" or better to minimize compression losses.

ISO setting on your camera should be set to "Auto" or a numerical value of 200 or lower to reduce image "noise".

Picture proportions of most digital camera formats are not the same as needed for the calendar. Some minor cropping is usually necessary to fit pictures to the calendar page. Please do not perform any cropping, resizing or color correction.

Many cell phones, when used in landscape mode, take pictures with a much wider aspect ratio than digital cameras. If you use such a cell phone camera, make sure to leave enough room on either or both sides of the picture to allow for significant cropping (as much as 40%) when the picture is formatted for the calendar.

Do not compose your picture with any important elements right at any edge of the frame. Cropping to fit the calendar format may cut off part of the picture elements near the edges. In addition, approximately one quarter inch is lost from the final picture on the top and each side in the printing process (approximately 50 pixels at the preferred resolution). In previous years, some good pictures could not be used because the adjustments required to fit the calendar format cut out important parts of the picture.

Having pictures taken in different seasons of the year makes a more interesting calendar.