MINI of the Month Calendar

Photos submitted by MINI Owners

Submitting Your Photos

Pictures must be submitted by email or you can send a link to a full resolution image stored somewhere on the web. Note that most photo sharing websites do not retain full resolution images.

Submit all photos to Photos submitted to any other address may not be received.

All submitted entries must be accompanied by a descriptive caption (80 characters or less) and first initial and last name of the photographer or person submitting the photo.

Submit full resolution, unedited original photographs to allow the most flexibility in fitting the pictures to the calendar format. Leave the resizing, editing, cropping and color correction to the calendar producer.

Pictures which will not result in a sharp, clear, high resolution image in the printed calendar will not be accepted.

Some photos may be edited to remove extraneous objects, e.g., telephone poles and wires that detract from the picture.

Pictures can be in almost any format your camera can produce, including raw formats, but .jpg is preferred.

By submitting a picture, you are certifying that you give us the rights to publish the picture in the calendar or, if you did not take the picture yourself, that you have secured the right to publish from the photographer.

Determination of which of the 12 winning pictures appear in each month of the final calendar will be made by the calendar producer.

Pictures which have appeared in any previous Mini of the Month or CarNut's Garage Calendar are not eligible for the calendar in subsequent years, but any previously submitted picture which was not selected for publication may be entered again.

You can submit as many pictures as you wish, but winners are limited to no more than one winning picture per person published in the calendar to maximize the number of people who have pictures published in the final calendar.

The calendar cover is a collage displaying many of the pictures submitted, including some not selected for display on a full size calendar page. Each person submitting pictures to the calendar will have at least one picture printed in the calendar, either as a full page winner or as part of the cover collage.

The calendar producer will be the final judge for determining any pictures deemed to be unacceptable for the calendar due to picture quality, resolution, format or subject matter.